3C: Wine & Premium Hospitality Packaging





As someone working in the hospitality business, you are without a doubt aware of the many problems that may occur while opening a bottle of wine. Corks stoppers with cork taint, or do break off. Discussion with the guest! 3C bends these problems, into a great and complete promotion for your brand! 5 color screen printing makes this  stopper a gadget and souvenir with your logo and name on top. At home this gadget will experience many rehearsals with friends and family, with logo and name on top! Most important this leak proof and taint free T-stoppers will be taken home.


Wishing well is a term from European folklore to describe wells where it was thought that any spoken wish would be granted.  Today your whishes about wine and packaging will be granted at any winery in France, Spain and Italy. Relatively many rewarded wines. At 3C everything is premium but priority above all are the estate bottles quality wines.


– Premium wine bottles, ready to differentiate your product at the first glance through the shape of the wine bottle, as this is the first impression your guest will get of the product. Champions in: light, middle and heavy weight bottles. All colors including high flint. A technical drawing of your own bespoke bottle in 5 working days. Do see our DECANTER and ELITE bottles in 250 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml. Choice out of hundred shapes. Create your own shape in an economic way.



Photo-Realistic Capabilities.  The simpliest one or two colors screen print understands the art of fascination and seducing the human eye! 360 degree wrap around and ice bucket proof bottle. Your brand stands out of the crowd.logo,round 2




– Luxurious tear-off capsules, that display your name and logo. For a sophisticated, elegant look, that gives your guests that extra courtesy feeling by its elegant way of opening. In less than 3 seconds, your guests will have access to the stopper. Beautifull shrink capsule with an open top to show your brand even before opening.


Mobile estate bottling all wine regions in France, Spain and Italy. Swift teams  and innovations which lead to industrial bottling costs. Fragile wines like rose and white wine require the exclusion of oxygen. Therefore we use nitrogen for  both rinsing and capping. A long lasting fruity live. 3C is proud to consolidate the rofessionalism of the winery.

 E-mail: info@gvdo.eu or wine@3c.wine for sampels & offerings.